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Throw Tarps

Throw Tarps

Heavy-duty tarps can do more than protect cargo. In addition to those used for long-distance trucking, Verduyn Tarps offers a wide selection of products that can meet a variety of needs. These include heavy-duty tarpaulins for covering marine equipment and lumber.

On this page, you can find more information about the various types of throw tarps we supply.

  • Steel Tarps: We stock a complete selection of super heavy-duty tarps used for covering shipments of steel. These include coil bags as well as standard products.
  • Lumber Tarps: Verduyn Tarps can help protect lumber from the elements. Our selection of large tarps for such shipments includes two-piece lightweight ballistic sets that are designed to be virtually rip-proof.
  • Machine and Step Deck Tarps: Protecting heavy equipment means providing coverage that is strong enough to resist almost anything. We have products that fit the bill, offering coverage that also accommodates step deck trailers. These can protect machinery during transit as well as keep them safe from contamination when not in use.
  • Utility and Ice Rink Tarps: Convenient as quick cover-ups around the house as well as keeping ice rinks safe in the winter, these lightweight tarps come in a variety of sizes. Our all-purpose products are great for covering boats during the offseason, as well. They also work for keeping dust and paint off valuable items during construction projects.
  • Tarp Accessories: Verduyn Tarps stocks everything you need to keep tarps secured and in good condition. Our assortment of accessories includes rubber straps along with tape and vinyl cement for repair work.
  • Custom Tarps: If you require custom sizes or shapes, Verduyn Tarps may be able to help. Our customized solutions make it possible to fit almost any situation in which tarping is necessary.

Regardless of the size, shape or application, all of the options found at Verduyn Tarps are made to the same high standards of quality and utility. No one knows as much about tarps as we do. We’re eager to show you how we can make the most of that knowledge for you! Shop our selection today, or reach out to us for more information.